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don’t hit ur girlfriend unless ur smacking that ass

But make sure you have consent to smack dat ass

ask the cutie before you touch the booty

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i was checking out at target and this guy was being really flirty with me and his nametag said rosemarie so when i left i said “have a good night rosemarie” and he said “rosemarie??” and i pointed to his nametag and he said fuck very loud then said “they are always fucking doing this to me”

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i want to kiss you but then i really want to fall asleep on you so you can play with my hair 

this post is making me depressed now

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Greatest SELFIE in the history of selfies

I’ve suddenly realized how far leto must have run just to get in that aha
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Personal blog that you will love!
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Nice knowing you.


I opened myself up to you

and you took it as an


to pick on

my heart

until its edges were


I will no longer

let myself

fall for pretty words

and empty promises.

It was your loss

for not taking the chance

when it was right

in front of you

for not appreciating

what you had

until it was halfway

out the door.

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